One Sunflower

looking for signs

on September 24, 2009

This is my first year being fully responsible for a Bus and Pedestrian Safety curriculum – a mandated curriculum in Head Start.  The administrator in charge of curriculum support did a great job identifying and purchasing appropriate materials to support the lessons.   Each classroom was given children’s stories about riding the bus and going for walks, puzzles of buses and safety signs, a poster of street signs, a CD with songs and Sam, a Build-a-Bear who came complete with a backpack and his own book about riding the school bus.  The children loved having Sam demonstrate how to wait on the sidewalk for the bus and get himself buckled in safely.  

I usually take the students for walks in the neighborhood in the fall.  We are lucky to have two streets close by that have sidewalks and take us in small loops so we can walk and circle back to school easily.  So yesterday I copied the poster of the street signs and showed it to the children before we went for our walk.  I asked them to help me look for signs.  We only managed to find 3 of the 6 signs pictured, mostly  Stop signs, but it reinforced for me how easy it is to use the local environment to teach our children that print has meaning and how eager our children are to find meaning in the world around them.


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