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my plan for the “walk through”

on September 28, 2009

I’m not sure what “walk -throughs” have been in our district in the past – having never been a part of them.  But last spring an article was circulated by our principal about doing walk-throughs like the “rounds” done by doctors in a hospital.  This is something I’m very aware of, having a son with a physical disability who has spent countless days at Children’s Hospital in Seattle.

I like the idea of district “rounds.”  When my son was in the hospital, I really counted on those docs coming in at 7:30 in the morning and 5:00 at night and giving me the scoop about my son’s progress after surgery and what was next on the game plan.  The other thing I really liked was that these trained and highly educated professionals looked to me, the mother of the patient, as a person with “inside” knowledge of their patient, who had a valid perspective and was going to be key in follow up care after surgery.

A “rounds” process could be beneficial to students, teachers, administrators and the district as a whole.  I’m a teacher that wants to feel that my work is appreciated and significant.  Ultimately I am accountable and so the more information and communication about my work, the needs of my students and my needs as a teacher, the better.   A “rounds” process may just take a snapshot, but if there are a series of visits in a timely manner,  these quick takes should eventually provide  a panorama shot of a teacher, the students, and the school community.

So am I ready for my “visit?”  Not quite – but I have a plan.  As a part of Let’s Begin with the Letter People curriculum, we have Letter People puppets.  It is part of our scope and sequence that these puppets begin their visits  to the classroom in the 3rd week of school – and that would be next week.  Mr. N is the first puppet in this parade.  He likes to talk about “names” and learn everyone’s name; he also has a noisy nose and needs to learn about being quiet inside the classroom.  The kids love these puppets – as goofy as they seem to us.

Mr. N will be arriving inside a little school bus lunch box with his “me” bag full of items that are special to him.  We will spend time naming those objects to practice phonological awareness and develop some vocabulary.  He has a big book to share about his name and we will sing our favorite chant about our names.  Mr. N has never failed me before, I’m sure he will be great on Tuesday.

One response to “my plan for the “walk through”

  1. delycarter says:

    Another important topic! Walk Throughs.

    Walk Throughs are also part of the professional development in my district. At this time we do not have Walk Throughs at the PreK level. However, we are in the process of learning to work together as a PreK-6 system. So I imagine that we will begin to plan to include the PreK classrooms. I’ll be interested to read in the weeks/months ahead how this process has supported you as a teacher, and what suggestions you will have to improve/stregthen this type of PD.

    I look forward to reading more about this year in your preschool classroom, and your work as a preschool teacher!


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