One Sunflower

so this is the cool thing about blogging

on September 29, 2009

Today I was searching the internet for information from other teachers about doing readers and writers workshop with preschoolers.  I stumbled upon another blog by an early childhood teacher:  Elbows,Knees, and Dreams at .   She’s been blogging for year – I was fascinated by the set up of her site because it has been such a process to learn how to set one up – she’s using the same host that I am so I became really motivated to experiment some more.   I had thought starting a blog would just be a matter of cutting and pasting – unh, unh!

I didn’t have time this morning to really read through the site or do a lot of checking it out so I came home and looked it up again.  Lo and Behold, this teacher was responding to an article in NY Times that I had just finished reading!   The article is all about developing social skills through play.  It’s a great article – take a look:             

And take a look at my fellow blogger’s site – I’ve read several pages of it now and am inspired to continue experimenting!


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