One Sunflower


on October 20, 2009

It is Zed’s turn to be “Child of the Week.”  Who knew that simply telling a child that a week belongs to them could be so special!  Some teachers have elaborate routines around this part of their curriculum.  Special posters are created for and by the child, the child has unique responsibilities and opportunities during the week, family members are invited in.  I have incorporated some routines but am more subdued in how I elevate each child during this week.  I think I worry about being able to keep it up throughout the year and want to be sure I recognize each child equally –  so I figure simple and direct but never-the-less, memorable.

The Child of the Week gets to sit in a coveted position on our puzzle box next to my chair at circle time.  I encourage the child to bring things from home and send a letter to the parents to remind them about this opportunity encouraging them to send special toys, books, and photos.  Each day I take time to focus on that child during circle time, often giving him or her the first chance to do something or contribute to an activity.  We sing a song, “You are Special,” to the tune of Frere Jacques, and on Friday I make a crown for the child and everyone puts a star sticker on it. 

 This is Zed’s week.  It is early in the year and we are only on our 3rd Child of the Week but each child glows when they realize it is their turn.  Zed couldn’t believe it when I called him to the puzzle box on Tuesday and motioned for him to sit there.  His mother had forgotten to send things with him so he hadn’t realized it was his turn.  There were no scowls that day, he moved from activity to activity with pride and determination.  The best part was singing the song to him and seeing his eyes turn down shyly and then peek back up through long lashes – as though he needed to check that it was really real, we were all singing “You are special,” to him.


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