One Sunflower

first school assembly

on November 4, 2009

Our school has assemblies once a month.  Prior to there being a preschool class in the building, the assemblies were held in the afternoon, usually in the last hour of the day.  Now there are at least 2 assemblies a year that are in the morning so the preschoolers can participate.  Certificates are passed out to students from each class as a part of the assembly so that by the end of the year every student has received an award.  Today was our first assembly and since there will only be one other morning assembly, 8 of my students were going to be called up on stage for an award.  I had sent notes home, spoken numerous times about the assembly and the expectations of the event but until they’ve been to one, the preschoolers have no idea what I’m talking about.

It takes extra planning and organization for us to participate.  My students arrive at 9 and have to eat breakfast.  The assembly is supposed to begin at 9:15.  In order to meet this challenge, I spoke with the cook and arranged that we have the simplest of breakfasts, muffins.  Then I set the table with napkins and straws and popped open the muffin wrappers.   Usually we pass everything down the table. When the children arrived I led them directly to the cafeteria, had them dump their backpacks and coats on the floor, use a diaper wipe for a quick wash and monitored to make sure everyone was able to open their milk carton and start on their muffin.  I decided to save the juice for a mid-morning snack. 

Alpha came in a bit late with his mom.  He’s been having a tough time the last few days.  I had chosen him to be one of the recipients of an award because he is a returning student and would be familiar with the routine.  Last year Alpha hadn’t wanted to go on stage and then cried afterwards when he realized he missed his chance.  Today, Alpha’s mom asked if it would be okay if his dad sat with us and went up with his son to get the award.  “That’s perfect!” I said.  I was happy that a parent was going to be such an eager participant in this school event. 

We made it into the gym for the assembly before our kindergarten friends and sat criss cross applesauce on the thick brown line right in front of the stage. Alpha had a bit of trouble honoring the flag salute and his dad took him into the hall for a chat but he was back before being called up for the award.  This year Alpha walked up on stage with his classmates and I got a great picture.  It was a long assembly and hard for my little ones to sit through.  Luckily my favorite part comes at the end when a teacher leads the entire school in singing the school song, “This school is your school, this school is my school….”  The preschoolers stare at everyone in awe.  They don’t quite get what is going on but they know it is something pretty cool and that they are a part of it.


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