One Sunflower

they are thinking like writers!

on November 18, 2009

I’m often sitting next to my little boys at meal times and I hear all kinds of stories about comic strip characters. The only ones I can identify are Batman, Spiderman and the Hulk – but there are at least 5 others that these children often sport pictures of on their clothing.  Thier stories are full of all the violence and hero supremacy that you would expect.  I understand why these characters are attractive to these children but I get tired of the stories.

I combat this frustration by trying to involve my little boys in stories I tell about myself and my family.   I brought in pictures of my family early in the year so the children have all seen what my husband, daughter, son-in-law and son look like.  They like the stories about my son the best – that boy to boy connection.  I’ve told stories about adventures he had as a child and I told them when he went in for surgery a month ago.    They wanted to see a picture with blood.  When he ended up having to stay there for many weeks, I drew a story featuring a big, square, multi-windowed hospital building with a small figure peering out with a sad face.  A few of the boys redrew that story in their journal. 

I didn’t really know the impact of my accounting of these daily events until a day last week when I sat down at the breakfast table and said, “I bumped my head this morning when I was cleaning the cupboard.”  One of the boys piped up, “Are you going to write a story about it?”  Thinking like a writer wouldn’t you say!


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