One Sunflower

why bother

on December 28, 2009

why bother seeking effectiveness as a teacher in culturally complex classrooms?

why bother knowing what other teachers are doing in their classrooms?

why bother learning about what happens at other grade levels?

why bother designing interventions for individual students?

why bother trying to confer with student family members?

why bother cultivating a family friendly school?

why bother trying to identify “word work?”

why bother with evaluating practice?

why bother trying to change?

why bother trying?

why bother?



because Jaymz had a toothless grin I couldn’t resist and yet when I see him now, in first grade, his eyes have a dead look

because Ernesto is so smart and so motivated to learn, but I worry that his parents are here illegally

because Leah wore a shirt that said “Trouble” in preschool and I worry it might come true

because Yoana finally feels like a learner but her mom might be deported this summer

because Marjorie draws a full garden of flowers but her eyes are dark and sad

because Carlos is a follower and someday it might be a gang that leads him

because Savannah’s sisters will be entering  preschool next year

because Edgar writes incredible stories but his dad is abusive

because Diego is 6 and struggles to write his name

because Edwin is so curious about everything

because Valentin opens his arms for hugs

because September comes each year

and June follows so quickly

and what happens

in between

is crucial




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