One Sunflower

flowers for El. Bee.

on January 4, 2010


I want to commend my peer teachers, they are amazing professionals.  They all have the required degrees and most have more.  They have received professional development support in all areas of their curriculum including social emotional skill development.  Their students have been assessed using qualified tools and are being observed and coached on a daily basis.  All of the preschool teachers in this district do an outstanding job of following up on their assessments, gathering information from parents and designing classroom routines and activities that support the unique needs of the 3-5 year old.   My experience with my peer teachers has shown that they take this work seriously and hold themselves personally accountable for their student’s success.  

Therefore, if a teacher says she needs help with her students, SHE NEEDS HELP WITH HER STUDENTS!   


What I am trying to say is that if a preschool teacher in this district thinks that a child requires special intervention, assumptions should not be made about classroom management styles, inadequate teacher qualifications, etc. My question is, would a 2nd or 5th grade teacher making the same request be held to the same scrutiny?      


painting by shanti marie   











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