One Sunflower

back at the helm

on January 6, 2010

This week has been going well, for the most part.  Maestra and I spent Monday morning rearranging the classroom, creating some new centers.  We brought out the doctor kits, always a favorite.  I put sand in the sensory table and refreshed the paint pots with new colors.  The discovery table has magnifiers, colored viewing glasses, rocks, shells, and other natural stuff to examine.  Maestra is wonderful about maintaining the housekeeping center – she’s especially in tune with the sorts of dress up, pretend food, dolls and stuffed animals the children like to play with so I leave it to her to manage.  I made sure my lesson plans were pretty tight for this week back, not knowing what other demands would be made on my time.  We are having fun with The Mitten story by Jan Brett – and other versions of it.   


Alpha has been struggling a bit. There are shadows under his eyes and he has arrived late two days in a row so I have a feeling he isn’t sleeping well and his mom is trying to give him as much time in bed as she can. We also had to have a chat about transitions again today. Progress was made when I got him to move to the big green dog pillow as a get-it-together place. It’s in the library area of the classroom and he loves looking at books, a much more productive way of coping then rolling around under the table.

Beta and Zed were sick at the beginning of the week but Zed came back today all full of sass, peeking at me slyly from under the hood of his sweatshirt.  He was mouthy at our first circle and dancing around like a goof ball.  (He’s a good dancer and I love to watch but it wasn’t appropriate at the time!)   After Maestra gave him a talking to on the playground, he settled down and ended up playing doctor with his favorite companions. 

I gave Daisy the job of weather reporter this week.  I wasn’t sure how she’d respond.  When she had the job before, she refused to participate.  This time she popped off the sofa, chose the appropriate icon and walked confidently to the graph to place it in a column.  She even wanted to recite the letters of the word “sunny” out loud and sing the song today.

Little Miss Muffet discovered the stuffed tiger that will record a voice.  Though she struggles with articulation errors, Muffet pushed the button in the tiger’s paw and recorded her voice greeting the tiger.  Then she went off to the climbing box to listen to her recording. 

Elmo’s mom stopped by in the middle of the day and set off a crying jag in her son.  He was sure she was there to pick him up and he grabbed his back pack, put on his coat and wanted to leave.  Maestra was on her break and it was tough to problem solve with the language barrier.  It turns out the mom just wanted to tell us that she would be back to pick Elmo up, she didn’t want him to ride the bus home.  Maestra reminded me that I should have asked her to write the message down – I can usually translate written Spanish better than spoken, thanks to my high school French classes. Plus, I could have given the note to Maestra when she returned to the classroom and she would have known what to tell Elmo. 

Buster Brown came back to school with a scrape across his forehead.  Known for the gusto with which he enjoys life, I wasn’t surprised.  When I asked him about it, he couldn’t remember what happened.  I mentioned it in a note home to his mom.  She wrote back that he was so excited about the skateboard he got for Christmas, he rubbed his forehead on it – “took off his skin just like a nail file!”

Dividing the kids up for conferring about their writing is working well too – but that is writing for another day.


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