One Sunflower

little blossoms

on February 3, 2010


Two years ago

her older sister brought me flowers

from the fields where their mother worked.

The stems were bound in rubber bands;

the buds so tight I couldn’t tell what kind of flowers they were,

only that they were yellow.

I put them in water and overnight they became a blooming bundle of daffodils,

harbingers of spring.

At the time I thought about how the flowers

were so like the silent girl who presented them to me,

taut and silent,

she was an unknown blossom in my classroom,

in need of nurturing to bloom.


Her younger sister is my student this year,

they are so alike,

 in looks and nature.

Just like her sister, she loves drawing rainbows of flowers.

The bus stopped at their house today.

The sisters waved in greeting,

the father waved us on by.

The grapevine whispers: 

“Her momma had to go back to Mexico.”

“She took the little one with her, y’know.”

“Cuz she’s the only legal one.”

The mother has said she’s coming back.

That’s a nightmare I don’t want to think about.

It’s going to be an early spring this year,

the daffodils will be coming up soon.

I’m going to buy a bundle, the first chance I get.

I wish they were coming from a momma and child.

I’m going to miss her drawings of flowers.

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