One Sunflower


on February 10, 2010

Tuesday was a complicated day.

  • It was dental clinic day – meaning the nurse came in and out for an hour taking small groups of students to the principal’s office where visiting dentists could examine and clean their teeth.
  • Maestra was out for the day and there was a sub in for her, someone I’ve never worked with before.
  • I had 2 interns from our local university doing observations for most of the day.
  • It was also the day that I had set aside to finish doing an emergent reader assessment that I am piloting so I was out of the classroom for an hour as well – with a sub.
  • And Alpha had a rough day – I suppose it isn’t surprising considering there was all this goofiness going on.

But being complicated doesn’t mean it was a bad day.

  • 12/15 students went to the dental clinic.  
  • I got to know a new sub and she got to know the preschool routine.
  • Having interns sets up an internal mirror for me as I work – I’m thinking, anticipating, evaluating, — flexing muscle – all day long.
  • The assessment is new to me, I wasn’t confident using the guidance, I made a lot of mistakes.  But in reviewing the data, I learned that I consistently forgot the same two questions – so guess what?  Those questions are front and center in my mind now!
  • Alpha was taken to the office 3 times and sent home early – but … I think he learned that I mean business now when I outline his choices, and the secretary reported that he sat calmly in the office and chose his own time to come back to the classroom.

Another day.  Another A?   Nope —- B+ maybe.


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