One Sunflower

closets and underwear

on March 1, 2010

I stacked up the drawings that my students made on the day I was out of the classroom and looked through them to evaluate the work.  I noticed quite a few of them didn’t have names so I was looking for trademarks of my students so I could pencil their names in the corners.  I ended up with 4 pictures that I wasn’t quite sure about.

I presented the mystery pictures at Circle time the next morning asking for the authors to identify their work.  It didn’t take long to get the last few names on the work but I did have a surprise outcome.  I held up one paper that had a rectangle drawn in the upper center of the picture and a triangle to the right of it.  The detail was fairly small so I didn’t expect Buster Brown to raise his hand and identify the picture as his.  “What did you make a picture of?” I asked.  “It’s my boxes for my clothes and that’s my underwear.”

When I visited his mom on Friday she confirmed that she had recently installed a new dresser system in Buster Brown’s room that consisted of some boxes with circular handles and that there was a special drawer for his underwear. 

She went on to tell me how her son was using the Magna-Doodle to draw pictures of the family and tell stories.  She had saved one of the pictures on her phone.  This mom is well acquainted with our focus on student journals.  She and I are both excited to see him continue the work at home.  I’m especially delighted to see his attention to detail and his drawings becoming smaller and tighter in focus.


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