One Sunflower

power and story

on March 2, 2010


It wasn’t a school activity but I spent the weekend wishing more children could participate in the magic I was witnessing.

How often have you participated in a group where kids and adults:

  • introduced themselves by naming a “super power” we would like to have (an idea suggested by a high schooler..)
  • chose a button from a huge collection and shared why we liked the button or creating a story about that button
  • listened to three books read out loud by different readers  
  • shared a favorite family tradition with a smaller group
  • shared a favorite family memory with the large group

The activities I reveled in were part of a Mother-Daughter retreat.  I attended with my own 25 year old daughter; the range in ages was from 2 months to mid 80 – and not everyone was part of a mother-daughter team but all were welcome.   The theme of the retreat was “Quilting our Stories” and we had chances to create together, read stories and talk about family connections.  We were with each other less than 24 hours but the time was rich.  It was the kind of experience I wish all kids could enjoy at least once a year.

Why do I mention it here on a school blog?  Because the essence of what made this weekend special was the focus on relationships and stories.  And school should be a place where the same kind of magic can happen.  I think we can do a better job of supporting relationships.  I also don’t think we do enough to help our students develop and tell their personal stories.

My daughter comes home each year for this – we’ve participated 7 out of the last 10 years – I’m sure we’ll keep finding a way to go.


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