One Sunflower

village work

on March 19, 2010

I don’t live in the community that I teach in.  But I feel a responsibility to do what I can to support this small town that is the home of my students.

I also like the idea of schools being community centers, places where families can connect to another world of resources.   If I was in charge of the world, schools would be open from 9-9.  A second set of staff could work the after school and evening shift to provide homework help, computer classes for parents, sports, music and art, parenting classes, health and nutrition clinics, etc.

But since I’m not in charge of the world (yet) and our school isn’t open for business 12 hours a day, I figure I can try to get out and support some good stuff going on.

One of the things I’m trying to do is connect with other preschool and daycare centers in the area.  Kindergarten registration is coming up and I think it would be great to support other teachers who are working to help families get ready for school.  I’m in contact with the Tribal HeadStart.  I’ve spoken with a teacher of a church-based preschool program and I’ve visited a local daycare center.  The daycare has been the most eager to jump on the bandwagon.  I think they are going to come with my class when we take our little field trip across the hall to see a bit of what being in kindergarten is like.  The director at the center was also eager to find out more about our curriculum – specifically our journal writing – so I’m going to visit one of their staff meetings to share what I’ve been working on this year.  

I’ve also been invited to present senior project ideas at the high school.  Their theme for seniors is “Defy Gravity.”  The invitation came because of my work as an early childhood teacher but also because of my art projects.  This weekend I’ve got to dedicate some time to planning what I’m going to present at my little “station” next Tuesday when high school juniors will be making the rounds to gather ideas.


4 responses to “village work

  1. Teacher Tom says:

    Absolutely! I’m actually very excited right now because two of our families have made an offer on a building next door to our school with the idea of turning it into a community center that will house the school. As we’ve talked about it, we would then start offering adult classes, activities and be a general “third place” for families, all based around the preschool. It’s very exciting!

  2. Juliann says:

    Collaborative work is so important. I love it that you are sharing what you have learned with other.

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