One Sunflower

injust spring…

on March 29, 2010

student portrait of me

I almost went to school without my tooth today.  I was 2 miles down the road and had to turn around and fetch my “flipper” – (retainer) – with the false front tooth attached.  I dread the day I get 10 miles down the road without my tooth! 

It’s that time of year when my brain is maxed out, I feel like my abilities have been tapped out and I wonder how I’m supposed to keep doing this job.

Spring vacation is next week and I’m sure that will improve my frame of mind.   But with assessments due in 4 weeks, program evaluations ramping into high gear, and district budgeting beginning its interminable process, the end of the year is a stressful time.

I enjoy the units we do in the spring – our caterpillars will arrive after break, we’ll go on a field trip to a farm with a pond and we’ll begin planting flowers and vegetables.  The weeks will fly by, I will put together student portfolios and be amazed at the progress the kids have made.  All too soon we will be eating hamburgers at our end-of-the-year family picnic and I’ll be scrubbing tables and somehow packing everything into cabinets. 

But right now I feel a bit mired in the mud of it all.

It’s April.


2 responses to “injust spring…

  1. Matt says:

    Your tooth story is like a bad dream archetype – losing one’s teeth is a frequent dream narrative that conincides with feelings of losing control or feeling overwhelmed. Although your tooth incident was in the waking world, sounds like you need a well deserved break. Hang in there, and keep doing the wonderful work that you do…

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