One Sunflower

rollin’, rollin’, rollin’………

on April 15, 2010

There’s so much I want to do with the kids but I’ve only got about a month left.

On Monday I loaded our story calendar with blank pages, there will be 24 more stories to draw this year – and with the craziness of the end of the year, I’m sure I’ll forget some.

I outlined the topics for these last few weeks: besides the nutrition unit brought to us by an outside agency,  we’ll have fun with spiders, insects, caterpillars/butterflies, plants, flowers, dinosaurs. (I know it seems odd to end with dinosaurs – I could do them any time of year, all year round, but the last week makes for an easy week of planning and participation.  Plus – it sort of puts together all the learning we’ve done in the spring around animals, life cycles, nutrition, etc.) 

I also spent time rearranging the room – something I do every 6 weeks or so.  I brought out the tools and toy construction sets, traded out all the shelves of books, readied all the outdoor equipment that we’ll be able to take advantage of with the warming of the weather.

Monday afternoon I went in to the central office for my last data entry session of the year.  These sessions are usually more for training than for getting work done.   This last meeting was pretty short because it was mostly a chance to review everything that needs to up to date before the kids exit the program.  My eyes are going to go buggy reviewing all the data!

Tuesday the kids returned to school excited to be back with their friends and eager to explore everything new.  I can’t believe how observant kids are – they notice every change and addition right away!  I reviewed the changes in our schedule; shifting book time to before our writing time.  The last few weeks before break were so chaotic because the kids wanted to spend so much time reading that I was having to shoo them to the wash room. Kids don’t respond well to shooing…..and the cook didn’t like us coming late to lunch everyday!

Kids love bugs – we’ve been reading The Very Busy Spider, singing about the old lady and the wiggly, jiggly, spider and chanting Little Miss Muffet.  It was fun to see them figure out how to fold the legs of their paper spiders to make them look spookier.

But that isn’t all that’s been going on this week – staff members are trying to figure out how to staff classrooms in various ways to deal with cuts in enrollment, and kindergarten and preschool registration is  in full swing.   I’m working with students daily to gather as much information as I can to fill out their assessments and a questionnaire was sent home for families to fill out evaluating their child’s resiliency  factors. I’ve got a pizza and movie night with families on Friday.

I’ve been invited to be a presenter at a professional development opportunity that another school district is offering to local preschool teachers about supporting the state’s social emotional benchmarks. And in my own district – I’ve got to be a fishbowl teacher next week because David Matteson is visiting again and the literacy task force is gearing up to try to finish the work we started this year.  

Oh – and did I mention I only have 24 days left to do all the work with the kids I want to do!


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