One Sunflower

prepping the fish bowl


The cat joined me on my lap this morning – she usually has to take over my lap for a little while and get her morning maul. 

I headed to school with trepidation today – only a few hours to nail my plans for the week before I headed back into town for a professional development session with David Matteson.   I knew that this session would help me decide once and for all what my lesson should be on Wednesday – when I teach in the fish bowl.  And sure enough, I threw out all my original ideas and I’m starting from scratch.  Pretty much changing my entire game plan and I’m going to try something completely new.  I’m still stewing about it – my time with the kids tomorrow will help me nail it.

Hey, I figure if they want a teacher to try things out on video tape, then I might as well try new stuff. 

What’s the worst that could happen? 

I could fail miserably. 

 So what.  It won’t really matter to the kids, it will just matter to me. 

Either way,  I’ll learn something!