One Sunflower

Good intent, bad outcome, sort-of……

on May 2, 2010

That is my perspective on our “daily safety checklists.”

Our local HeadStart office requires that each teacher check and report daily on the safety of their classroom.  To achieve this outcome – which is based on a federal mandate and has some number attached to it – each teacher has a checklist for every month.  I have dutifully created a binder that I’ve titled “monthly reports” and there is a tab for each month.  This is the place where I keep track of attendance, fire and bus evacuation drills, earthquake and lock down drills as well as my daily safety check sheets. The attendance gets turned in weekly, in three different ways mind you – paper in binder, paper copy to school office and a fax to the central office. The rest of the reports are turned in monthly.

The list is a good list for preventing harm in the classroom environment such as covers over electrical outlets, keeping toxic materials out of reach, checking furniture for sharp corners or repair needs.  The list is lengthy, I haven’t counted but there are probably at least 75 things to check ……and did I mention they are to be checked DAILY…..

I admit I am lousy at doing a daily check.

You can imagine how this check sheet gets filled out.

It is a good monthly check list.

This post will become a bugaboo page – I’ve tried not to put too many up this year – but it’s the end of the year and time is precious, hence my whining about this piece of paperwork.


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