One Sunflower

rocks, hard places, but, hey, really now….

on May 5, 2010

So guys, as one of the reps that plan professional development, I’m up here checking out what’s ahead.  

I know, some of you are so freaked out finishing up this year’s tasks that you want to lay down and shrivel up – the winds do blow pretty fierce this time of year.

   (Think summer – it is coming, I promise.)

   And then next year –  of course there will be changes and we’ll need to shift a bit and get resituated.  But I think we can still stretch out and everything will be fine. 

   Meanwhile,   I’m going to keep my eyes open for new spaces

   and get a head start figuring out where to set new roots next year —-even if the soil is a bit thin – or tough to get a hold of.

Because you know, the view here is pretty nice —


We’ve already gotten ourselves through some pretty tough places


and established some great trails for others to follow. 


It is a great place to work – just let me know how I can help.



2 responses to “rocks, hard places, but, hey, really now….

  1. I have been spending time thinkng about the path I will take with my staff next year too. For now, it is just me thinking because my teachers are too focused on closing down the school year. But later this month, we will meet for a morning and finish the planning together. Do you have anything specific in mind? Books to read? Workshops to attend? I would love to hear your ideas. You seem like such an intentional teacher.

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