One Sunflower

say it ain’t so

on May 19, 2010

“It’s a lousy day for a trip to the beach,” Maestra said yesterday morning. “Do you think they will cancel the trip?”

 “No, thank goodness!” I responded.

Alpha, Beta and Zed were going on a field trip to the beach with their other school and I was looking forward to a day without my most demanding students!  What a difference to have 12 in the classroom.  Better oral language support in play, a game that can be finished without discipline issues interrupting from the far side of the room, journal writing supported at three tables because of on an impromptu visit by the principal.

But we’re all back in the ball game today and it will be a crazy one.  I didn’t sleep well last night and we are having families come to lunch today and passing out portfolios.  The weather is still a bit iffy so we might not get a good break on the playground and I’ve got a difficult parent conference scheduled after school.

So pardon me if I occasionally celebrate when I have absent students.


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