One Sunflower

back in a minute

on May 27, 2010

This is the photo that’s been on my monitor this year.  I load up a fresh picture each year and so this Hovander Park hen house has been the image for 2009-10.  

My hands are chapped from bleach, baking soda and “Goo Gone,” the tools of the trade in cleaning a preschool classroom.  My fingernails are cracked or torn from moving furniture and stuffing cupboards full of equipment.  That was the work of Monday and Tuesday but my hands haven’t recovered.  Amazing how a classroom can go from this:

to this:

in one week.

The small of my back is aching from sitting in a chair for 7 hours a day logging data from files into the computer.  That has been the work of the rest of the week. 

Wednesday I got a bit of a break because I went to a literacy task force meeting at another building to review and plan for the contents of our grade level notebooks.  When the meeting was over, I stopped by the preschool classroom to see how my fellow teachers were doing with their wrapping up – oh my – that discussion will be in another “bugaboo” post.  I asked for their input on the notebook that’s being put together.  I’d like to gather ideas from the other teachers as well.   We also discussed being part of a book study next year.  It would be great to get together and choose our own professional development – most of our PD is directed by our collaboration partners and we don’t get a lot of time to share and reflect with each other.

So one more day at my desk – and a bit of a mess to put in order there as well!

Then I’ll hand deliver my files to the school at the northern edges of the district – mostly to get some air – then turn my focus to my next responsibilities: summer school for exiting 1st and 2nd graders, next year’s school-wide art project – and the contents of that literacy notebook.

I’m on the prowl for poetry too – more fabric pages to come!

I wonder what photo I’ll choose from my summer vacation to put on my computer next year – scenes from the Washington coast, a family wedding, visits to central Oregon, boating on Lake Whatcom?  It will go by in a flash!



2 responses to “back in a minute

  1. Soul Knitting says:

    Hi One Sunflower, thought I’d run by and see what you’re up too. Bleach and fingernails are never good together :::gg::. I seem to post more over at Flickr under ‘desert.sage’ now. Guess my interests have turned to photography. I hope to see you over there.

    As a side note, I just finished a class at College of Southern Nevada on photography. 98% of the work was turned in on ‘blogger’ and Flickr. I thought that was an interesting way to ‘go to school’ as I have a degree from UNLV…..from a longggg time ago. When there were no computers per se for use at the university. My how things change in 20 years::::ggg::::

    I like this way of being able to do my work and turn it in anytime. Anyway, stay in touch. I promise to STILL put stuff up on soulknitting. Thank you always for your interest. And Luna is STILL perfect.

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