One Sunflower

beach combing

on June 10, 2010

I’ve just spent a week out and about – visiting my daughter who works at a school for children who have severe behavior disorders and can’t function in a regular school setting, and on the coast with a dear friend who has lost her position in administration due to cut backs and is moving back into the classroom after 3 years. 

My conversations with my daughter and the staff at her school and with my friend have been rich and provocative, providing lots of fodder for summer thinking and planning. Ms. Tracy summarizes it well in her blog entry “Reflecting and revision.”  I am not curled up in a hammock – our northwest summers (aptly called Junuary by locals) aren’t quite so accomodating of luxuriating outside – but my mind is in a summer place, rocking backwards and forwards.  I let my mind walk back through the year, sifting and sorting, like my hunts for beach treasures.  I’ll come away with a collection of “keeps” and then the tide will go out and come in and I’ll walk the beach again.

It’s the “keeps” that I want to be sure to name, this is the learning I did last year and will be my casting form to support new goals for next year.  I hope to use my writing this summer as a way to process that learning and frame out my work for next year’s sand castle.

2 responses to “beach combing

  1. Ms Tracy says:

    I love the idea of “casting form” for the next school year. That’s a beautiful phrase for the preparation put in over these vacation weeks.

    And, truth be told, I am envious of your Northwestern weather. Triple digit temps with 95% humidity doesn’t call for a great deal of outdoor luxuriating!

  2. Teacher Tom says:

    This is quite beautiful.

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