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focused on space

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Last week, I drove the new teacher out to the school she will be teaching in to collect some of the resources she might like to use in planning for next year and to see her space.   She is anxious to learn everything about this new job, how to conduct first home visits, use our data entry system, become oriented to our assessments and curriculum.  But until that work begins, the only thing she can really do is arrange her classroom space, create a daily routine that makes sense and gather as much background information as she can by reading and talking to her new colleagues.

I stopped by my school to show her my classroom.  For the first time since I moved to this site, my classroom  is bare except for our supplies piled on shelves and in cupboards.  My floor is to be tiled this summer and so everything has been moved to the gym in preparation for that work.  I feel like my classroom is on the set of some HGTV interior design show, the only problem is I don’t have an expert and new furnishings to create a “whole new look.”  I have messed around with my room arrangements all four years, changing the site of every center sometimes three or four times a year.  This year I only changed it twice and not very dramatically.

I think it is interesting to note which areas I’m most keen to set up,   (speaks volumes to me about my favorite parts of the preschool day and curriculum,) art, blocks and circle.  Luckily my aide enjoys some of the other parts best so we balance each other out!

I’m eager to see how Ms. M sets up her new classroom.

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