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Pondering the question: Where am I in the work?

on July 10, 2010

Where are you in the work?  This was a question posed to us this past year by one of our consultants and it was intriguing to think about.

I’ve been doing some reading about different curriculum models and how they support approaches to learning.  I am realizing that while I have a classroom model based on a certain curriculum, I, myself,  have an approach that is a blend of philosophies.  Marilou Hyson, in her book, Enthusiastic and Engaged Learners, outlines six curriculum models: Montessori, High/Scope, Tools of the Mind, The Creative Curriculum, Project Approach and Young Scientist Series.  I have heard about all of them, I have witnessed a few.  I’m trying to read more about each of them to help identify the bits and pieces that seem to align with my approach or that I’m interested in trying out in order to tighten up on my intentional work to achieve the goals I have for next year.

I think it is important that I “be in the work” of my students.  I believe my students need the modeling, side by side coaching, and witnessing that I can provide as a trained teacher. This boy pictured above,  would have gladly gone through the day without speaking a word, playing alone, avoiding all conflict by giving in to his more assertive or aggressive peers, having only his basic needs of food and hygiene met by what was available in the preschool experience.

When I’m putting together my student portfolios next year, I want to be able to name specific ways I was present in their work.

I’m beginning with a goal of strengthening community in the classroom.  I’ve been messing around with my daily schedule and brainstorming with Maestra on our weekly walks.  I’ve definitely got more reading to do.


One response to “Pondering the question: Where am I in the work?

  1. Juliann says:

    Such a great question! I agree that teachers need to be present in the work of children and there is that tension between controlling the work and working alongside. It is a hard balance and one that is worthy of the struggle.

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