One Sunflower

Slice of island life

on July 13, 2010

Tuesday offering for SOL, check out more at Two Writing Teachers link on my page.    This story is based on a “small moment” shared with me by my friend, Mrs. K.

Mrs. K shut the door of the cabin and quickly skipped up the log steps to the car.  Whitaker, her five year old neighbor, came flopping through the grass in his untied red sneakers.

“Where are you going Mrs. K?” He stood in front of her with his arms on his hips.

“Honey, I’m on my way back to town and I’m late for the ferry.”  It was early in the summer and she still wasn’t used to being on “island time.”  She fumbled in her purse for the car keys and realized she’d forgotten to leave the cabin key for the friends who sometimes camped at the cabin during the week.

“Whitaker, I need your help, could you put the key away in its special spot?  I’ve really got to go.”

“When are you coming back?” he asked.

“Next weekend,” she called through the car window as she backed out, “Mr. K is coming too, we’ll have a campfire like we always do, so come and see us!”   She drove down the lane, watching Whitaker through her rearview window.  He was at the cabin door when she made a turn and couldn’t see him anymore.


The following Friday, Mrs. K pulled the bag of groceries from the car and went to the cabin door.  “It’s going to be a spectacular weekend,” she thought watching her husband walk to the front of the cabin.  He always headed straight to the water, wanting to breathe in the air and check on his transplanted madrona tree.  Sliding her hand over the WELCOME sign, Mrs. K called out, “Honey, did you take the key?”  It wasn’t in its usual place.  Where had Whitaker put the key?  He knew this was where they kept it because they often asked him to water their plants or remove old food from the fridge.

She bent down surveying the wood at her feet, hoping it hadn’t fallen through a crack in the decking.  Maybe it was under the mat; Mrs. K pulled back the corner and finally lifted the whole mat.  Nope, mmm, Mrs. K stood and looked again at the sign, where do you suppose that key is?

Later at the campfire, standing with his roasting stick, Whitaker beamed at Mrs. K,    “I knew you would find it! You’re a teacher!”  Indeed, Mrs. K had found the key when she looked again at the WELCOME sign; it was resting in the first angle of the ‘W’.

“I put it by the W because that’s  the first letter in my name!”


5 responses to “Slice of island life

  1. Margie Kimberley says:

    I love this Amelia. It is so charming. Makes me miss that five year old Whitaker. He has grown so tall now. But is still so very wise!

  2. Stacey says:

    That’s a rich story! Love it! I also liked the way you shifted time with the use of the asterisks.

  3. Nancy M says:

    I enjoyed reading your small moment. It is easy to get inside the writing and imagine the wisp of smoke rising from the campfire and that fresh water smell that fills one’s lungs with of breathable air. However, it is Whitaker that captures my imagination. Somehow I imagine, Freckles! Have a great week writing!

  4. mag says:

    Got me!

  5. Mrs. V says:

    What a fun story about a child not doing what was you would have thought.

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