One Sunflower

felting rocks

on August 10, 2010

“Hello? This is Linda from Lost River Alpacas.  Are you ready for me to come tomorrow?”

“You bet!  I wouldn’t miss it for the world.  I’ve got rocks, nylon stockings, buckets for water, and soap.”

“Great!  See you at 9:30.”

I was excited for this activity.  Not just because I was curious about felting rocks, but mostly because I love Linda.  She is  genuinely warm and engaging, the kind of person I want children to have many experiences with.  I met Linda two years ago when I stopped by her alpaca farm and asked if she would host my class on a field trip.  It was a wonderful trip.  The children got to see the alpacas, touch their wool and watch Linda spin the wool.  When I stopped by in June to check on possibilities for our summer school to visit, Linda was enthusiastic and full of ideas for a follow-up project.  We decided that making a felted rock would be best for this age group.

I was disappointed when my car trouble prevented me from joining the kids on their visit to her farm, so I wanted to be sure I was around for the felting project.  When Linda arrived at the school, a few of the students ran up and gave her hugs – she is that kind of woman.  She reviewed the project for the students briefly and then we went outside and began the process.  Here are pictures to illustrate the process.  We used alpaca wool but Linda says that sheep’s roving felts faster if you want to try it yourself.

#1 gather some rocks – about 1-2 inches in diameter, round is better than flat.

#2 gather wool, colored roving will make a pretty rock

#3 wrap wool around rock

#4 tuck into stocking

#5 tie knot close to rock

#6 get it wet

#7 put liquid soap on it and suds it up, work it in until wool gets hard around rock

#8 rinse and then cut off knot and peel stocking off of felt – which takes a lot of pulling and tugging.  Let dry.

Some our kids were so enthusiastic they made two.  Our principal got curious and came outside and decided to make one too.  The kids were great at giving him instructions.

Thanks Linda and Lost River Alpacas!!  (SOL – read more at Two Writing Teachers Link)


2 responses to “felting rocks

  1. Mrs. V says:

    Sounds like it was an eventful day for everyone!

  2. Ruth says:

    Wow . . . I wanna do it too! 🙂 I love the combination of words + photos for today’s slice. (And thanks for talking your mom into slicing too! It was fun to read her post.)
    Happy writing,

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