One Sunflower

Are we really “that Alice”?

on August 21, 2010

First a disclaimer – I haven’t read Lewis Carroll’s books since I was in high school so like many others, my recent venture into Wonderland and the words of Carroll have been through Tim Burton’s movie adaptation.  What I liked about the movie was Alice coming to terms with a different reality, creating relationships with “misfits” and demonstrating loyalty to them and herself by her conquering of the Jabberwock.

“My name is Alice…but I’m not that Alice.”  Alice in the movie spoke these words on several occasions.

Our school will be in AYP “jail” this year and I’m thinking like Alice, “yes those are our scores, but we aren’t that school.”

Political debates about education have often made me feel like I’ve fallen down a dark hole.  I’m being asked to try various potions, snip and patch as mandates and budgets shift and shrink,  and I’m wandering warily in a mystical garden with children who operate much like the Queen of Hearts.

We are all being asked to do “6 impossible things before breakfast” and prepare for confrontations with the Jabberwock.  But there is no template for the work we do, it is as inventive and creative as the language in Carroll’s famous poem and we need real help. If these tests were the answer, we, too, could have picture perfect scenes of storm clouds passing with the sunsets over our heroes and heroines of the story.

Every teacher is looking for vorpal swords that will create “frabjous” days.

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