One Sunflower


on September 7, 2010

Zoomin’ down the freeway, zoomin’ down the freeway, zoomin’ down the freeway, STOP!

I led our staff orientation today and I think it was fairly cohesive and a good experience for everyone.  I crammed a lot in but tried to give space for processing – breathing thoughts outloud to each other.  Now I feel like I’m back on the freeway again.

I’ve been zoomin’ since the 18th, everyday involved in a training session, professional development, moving furniture, setting up files, conducting home visits.  The days have been rushing by like scenery from my car window.  Tomorrow and the next day, I will finish up meeting with each student’s family and hopefully have a classroom somewhat ready to welcome children into on Friday.  I’ve been reciting my plans for a changed daily routine in my head for the past month but I really need to write it down and post it now – because in the midst of the craziness on Friday, I’ll forget what is supposed to happen next!

Bridge goes up, bridge goes down. Honk! Honk!

Zoomin’ down the freeway, zoomin’ down the freeway….

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3 responses to “zoomin’

  1. jeeyoung says:

    I totally feel like the first month of school is always so busy and fast~!!I hope your first day goes well!

  2. Juliann says:

    I am zipping along this same path although it feels like I need to pull over and pick up a better road map.

  3. caroline524 says:

    I feel like I am always zooming. I guess that is why I have a I can keep a lot of things with me as I zoom.

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