One Sunflower

unleashed ponderings

on September 11, 2010

Last night, MamaBear clicked on my leash and we started out across the street to the field where I like to sniff out what’s new in the world. Then MamaBear headed to the corner and crossed the street. Mmm….this wasn’t our usual routine.

“MamaBear, why are we headed down this street?” I asked, stopping to sniff and piddle in this new territory.
“I don’t know, SashaBear.  I’m tired and I feel like going for a walk.”
“You don’t usually walk if you’re tired.  Why don’t we just go back home and lay down on the rug and you can rub my belly?”
“Because my back hurts. I held a crying 3-year-old today.”
“Why was he crying?”
“Well that sometimes happens on the first day of school.”
“Did very many students cry today?”
“No,  there were 2 boys that cried and had to be held, one by me, and the other by Maestra.  Another boy had teary eyes and a trembling lip but he held it together until his mom returned.  No tears from the girls even though one of them looks like she’s only two years old.  I guess she did just turn 3 a few weeks ago!
It was actually a very sweet day; I noticed quite a few little friendships blossoming.  There were only a few tiny glitches and they were easily overcome.”

I continued exploring at the edge of my leash range, occasionally getting caught on the wrong side of a tree trunk. When the conversation stopped, I turned my nose towards home figuring MamaBear would be ready to turn around.

Nope, I was wrong, where were we headed now?  I hated to cross that busy street; the noises scare me. I decided to keep talking to MamaBear; talking would help me focus on the fun parts of the walk instead of the scary parts.  And I figured if she got all her thinking done we could head home!

“So what else are you thinking about MamaBear?”
“I’m thinking about next week.”
“What are you doing next week?”
“I haven’t a clue! …. Well, that’s not true.  There are some things that are always the same, like introducing certain playthings over time so the students build independence in the classroom and can manage themselves and their environment.  And we’ll play some name games and sing favorite calling songs.  We usually take walks all around the school and in the neighborhood so that the students become familiar with their surroundings and I can teach about pedestrian safety. I’ve found a lot of stories about walking that I want to read over the next few weeks!  And of course, I’ll begin my classroom journal, introducing myself as I teach the children about creating and drawing characters. I include pictures of you too!”
“You do?  Well, it sounds like you have it all figured out.  Can we turn around now?”
“Oh SashaBear, it’s so beautiful this time of evening.  Look, there are rain clouds hanging low, and the leaves have started to turn and are scattered on the grass.  A heron is  flying low into the cattails over there.  I’m just going to go a little further, then we’ll turn around and go back,  I promise.”

It was a longer walk than I’ve had in awhile – and over unfamiliar ground. I like going to the same places, not different ones.  It tires me out to check out all those new smells and piddle all the time so I know where I’ve been!  I guess MamaBear gets tired doing new things too.  When she took off my leash, I headed to my favorite pillow and plopped down.

MamaBear slept really well too.


2 responses to “unleashed ponderings

  1. Lynnelle says:

    I really enjoyed your musings today.

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