One Sunflower

my “shuffle”

on September 15, 2010

This is what my internal ipod sounds like now:

There is a drumbeat like the base reverberating in my son’s bedroom: boom boom “do you have a medical and dental home?”  “when did your child last visit the doctor and dentist?”  “will you please sign these consent forms so that the offices will release copies of your child’s last visit?” boom boom open health tab, click on new event, name it, add the date, record chat with parent, fax the forms, pray they are returned….boom boom… “you know it is a review year”…”we only had 80% last year, we really need 90%”…boom boom…

The other music I hear sweeps me into actions familiar and dear, it is music that is subtle but resolute, certainly timeless.   Like instruments tuning up I am summoned to orchestrate my day with the children. Trumpets sound with every new friendship I see forming between students. Oboes and flutes call to each other when my students speak out loud in classroom play, in mealtime conversations and circle-time exchanges.

Emotional sounds from the string section rise and fall as I balance the needs of my youngest and oldest students, calling on little bodies to move and be still in a delicate balance of abandon and attention.  A little bird trills occasionally when I sense the future of our work together, of capacity that is building towards a crescendo.

I will thrill to hear the timpani!


One response to “my “shuffle”

  1. Juliann says:

    I could give you a nice djembe beat!
    Hang in there.

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