One Sunflower

Teacher Daisy

on September 27, 2010

I’ve attended professional development sessions in the past where the instructors have set up situations for us to “role model” and I usually do anything but – because I hate role modeling with grown-ups.  But with children, it’s a different story.  I often use the technique to demonstrate behavior expectations or to problem solve situations.

Last Thursday, I positioned my class on the rug and told them to watch my every move.  I went over to the dramatic play area and loaded up a purse with pretend food, grabbed a diaper bag, a doll and a blanket and headed to our climbing box to set up house.  Once I was there I changed my mind, ditching everything in the box and going to the nearby playdough table, I proceeded to dump out the dough and roll it flat with the rolling pin.  When it was flat I used the cookie cutter and then got up from the table and headed to get supplies for water color painting.

I was just about to stop my charade when Daisy turned to the class and announced,  “She’s making a mess!”  Oh thank you, Daisy!  Daisy, who is my most flighty little mess maker, became the teacher.  She told me what I should have done, should be doing and will certainly do next time!


4 responses to “Teacher Daisy

  1. I love this and it is just the idea I need for one of my teachers who is struggling with the same situation.

  2. Stacey says:

    Very cute response from little Daisy!

  3. Strawberry says:

    What Daisy does is not what Daisy says! Funny, that! But wait a minute, she did do something right: she noticed, she spoke up, and corrected your behavior. I’d love to hear how you will respond when her next flight arises. Yes, I agree, adult learning is different from child learning (as you and Daisy demonstrated), and it’s a shame more professional development providers don’t seem to take that into consideration.

  4. Lynnelle says:

    What a great lesson!!! Reminds me alot of how The Sisters suggest getting the message across for proper behavior during the daily 5. Wonderful life lessons!!

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