One Sunflower

it all comes down to…

on October 13, 2010


Remember Zed? – my former student is having a hard time in kindergarten.  Last week he was so unsafe on the bus he was suspended from riding until an alternate mode of transporting him to school could be created.  (He’s going to be riding the preschool bus again for a while.)

Maestra and I had a long talk about Zed yesterday.  We are so saddened by this turn of events – especially because we worked so hard last year to create a successful environment for him and while we had concerns about his future, we felt hopeful.

My greatest learning these past few years has been about the impact of solid relationships with my students. Whenever I’m having trouble with a student, I look at my relationship with him or her and try to beef it up a bit.  The difference has been significant.

My suggestion to Zed’s teacher has been to build in a special “check in” time with him.  I know Maestra will do her best with this child for the week he is on her bus again.  We don’t have a lot of hope about impacting his home life, but we both feel that school can and should be a lifesaver for this child. read more slices at Two Writing Teachers link

4 responses to “it all comes down to…

  1. Now that we are on the elementary campus, I am running into this more often. We work very hard with kids and parents in the time we have them and we want that to continue as they move into kindergarten and elementary but life there is much different. It is good that you have the opportunity to try and bridge this gap.

  2. Lynnelle Snowbarger says:

    It always breaks my heart when I find out former students are having trouble transitioning. Big hugs to you and Zed!

  3. Stacey says:

    I think that’s a great suggestion.
    Keep us posted on Zed’s progress.

  4. Strawberry says:

    Yikes, I’m not sure which is harder….to be Zed or to be his teacher (or former teacher) and watch him struggle and feel yourself struggle, but I’m thinking it’s harder to be Zed. I think I need to remember that when working with challenging students.

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