One Sunflower

All-school art project: Preschool

on October 18, 2010

(see part one of story on Oct. 4th)

Our silk painting day began the same way it did for the older students – with a demonstration of the techniques. 

We did get a little hands-on practice along with the chat about painting with the gutte, mixing colors and painting gently on the silk. 

Then it was off to our tables to do the work. 

I think my preschoolers used up the best of their attention span during the instruction.  An unintentional “break” was provided by our yearly health checks which got the students up and out into the hall for vision, hearing, height, weight and dental checks so that by the time they came back to class, they were ready to paint some more.  While some students were ready to  move on to playing soon after applying color, I had others who saw the process all the way though, even helping their younger classmates “set” the paintings and dry them with the hair dryer.  All in all, a successful experience.

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4 responses to “All-school art project: Preschool

  1. Stacey says:

    That looks and sounds like a fun project! I bet they were very proud of the masterpieces they created.

  2. Ashley says:

    One of the things I miss the most about younger children is the opportunity to create learning through art–this is missing in my middle-grade classroom so much of the time. Glad your students get to do this!

  3. jwg says:

    Instructions, please. Or a link to somewhere I could read them.

    • onesunflower says:

      @JWG – We have an artist working with our school who teaches painting on silk – you can see her work and read about it at I think there might be links there for supplies – and you could do some more research on the how. It isn’t very difficult – just takes the right stuff. You probably have someone in your community doing the same sort of work because it’s become quite popular.

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