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Tuesday is white board day

on November 23, 2010

Tuesday is white board day.

I love white boards – or as the children more accurately call them, “wipe boards.” I started using them fairly consistently last year because I found they allowed my students to “get their scribblies out” and then get down to business.   I introduced them right at the beginning of this year and now, 10 weeks into the year,  I only have a few students still making big scribbles when I pass them out, most are getting down to drawing something specific.

My routine last year was to put the boards out as a check-in activity on Tuesday mornings, the first day of our preschool week, and then again after I did a story model on Wednesday or Thursday.  What I witnessed was the students using the white boards as draft pictures.  They would hone their drawing skills on the white boards because they could start over so easily.  I also noticed that my students with inefficient grasps or who are tentative in their work, would tighten up because the boards are slippery, and because if they weren’t careful, their movements would erase their pictures.

So this year I wanted to plug them back into my routine and closely monitor how my students used boards as tools to learn new skills and express themselves.

I decided to do story writing on Tuesdays and Thursdays and after having a few students up to retell my story, I pass out white boards on Tuesdays and paper on Thursdays.  It is the one time of the week when I let my students copy my story drawing or that of their peers because I find they try new things out and bring those ideas back to their journal writing when I meet with them one-on-one.

We always post the boards around the room for the week and I take pictures off and on to record changes and developments I see happening in student skills.

Today I drew a story about celebrating my birthday – because it’s coming up later this week.  I got quite a few white board sketches that were similar to my picture.  Now we’ll see what pops up in student journals  tomorrow!

(check out more “Slice of Life” stories at Two Writing Teacher’s link)


5 responses to “Tuesday is white board day

  1. Tara says:

    Love those “wipe boards,” too!! We find many uses for them, and never tire of them. And…happy birthday!!

  2. blkdrama says:

    What a fantastic idea! Story boards…stories…nothing better!
    Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

  3. EspressoErin says:

    I love the stuff I see on your blog that you are doing in your classroom. Preschoolers are so sweet!
    And… I totally agree about having a prof. colleague in the classroom. I love that.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. 😉

  4. Juliann says:

    Our kids love the white boards too. I love that you plan for this time. Our kids like to have a copy made on the copy machine and they are so perplexed when the colors don’t show up. Stay warm

  5. Theresa says:

    Great idea and I love their illustrations! We mostly use the small white boards for Ten Minute Math equations. You have me pondering new uses. Thanks. Happy birthday to you!

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