One Sunflower

descent into December

on November 28, 2010

Just before the last bell on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, our principal bid us adieu by saying, “Here we go, it will all be a blur until January 3rd.”

Our school is in a small community and holiday concerts are still the norm; it is also a common desire of teachers to help their students create cards and presents for parents.  Classrooms in December are a-buzz with songs, special instruments, tissue, paint and glue sticks. Add to that any extremes in weather and the students are in for a roller coaster ride until winter break.

I kind of like that our students get to participate in the December school experience that existed for me in the 50’s-  although I’m not so sure about the holiday songs;  I do wish the concert didn’t have as many Christian Christmas carols as it does.  But I salute our lone music teacher.  She is ambitious,  there are 3 elementary schools and each one has their own performance.

My preschoolers don’t participate.  We aren’t allowed to celebrate holidays in the Head Start curriculum so our December isn’t as consumed by unusual activities and projects.  Crazy weather will affect my students but mostly their abilities are sharpening and I’m feeling myself gearing up for the best ride of the school year.  My favorite months are from January to March.  Those will be the roller-coaster-blurry-ride-days for us in the 3-5 set.

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