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Writing benchmarks

on December 5, 2010

Yes – we do have them for our preschoolers – and guess what!  They are developmentally appropriate and achievable!

The first quarter benchmark goals (from David Matteson’s Foundations of Early Literacy) for my student’s written work are:

Process – that my students are thinking about their stories after drawing pictures, that they will point to parts of the picture as they talk, and will use at least one or two words to tell a story

Surface features  – the picture will begin to be recognizable, will contain some labeling as supported by the teacher, and some other random details

Content  – a character, some other details that go along with a setting, event or emotion

The second quarter goals are:

Process – student begins to think about story before writing and adds details with support

Surface features – more developed and recognizable

Content – character and setting

I tallied up the recent work of my students and I have 4/16 who haven’t met the first benchmark – but they are all three year olds and they are all drawing recognizable people, so I’m not worried that they will be on track.  5/16 are at the first benchmark, 7/16 are already at the second benchmark!  The second quarter finishes on Jan. 15th and the third comes due in March.  Maestra and I are working hard with the students to capture stories from their daily lives – events we see in the classroom or memories captured about their family life.

playing with marbles

two friends playing with cars

the fun, and not-so-fun of snow

This week I will try to capture snap shots of my own teacher story models and how I’m using them to support this continuum of work.


One response to “Writing benchmarks

  1. hi,
    i love your posted writing goals for preschoolers…my daughter is 4 and tries to “write” stories all the time, but her drawings are just lines–no form at all. she’s in a daycare rather than preschool (because there’s not a full-day one near me), but she’s not doing any formal kinds of “school” things. do you have any suggestions that i can do with her? i’m a teacher, too, but of high schoolers (i know, they are just big preschoolers!), so she does try to emulate me in “checking papers” and “blogging” (it’s really hilarious). i just feel like i should be doing more, especially when i see your students actually drawing sort of people and cars and things….

    if you don’t mind, i’d love some advice. you can email me at:


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