One Sunflower

memorable moments

on December 20, 2010

This isn’t the slice I was going to write – but after reading my mom’s slice,  (that I load onto her blog site like I do every Monday night,) my mind started tripping down the path of family memories.

I am lucky. I may be part of the “oreo” generation that my mom describes but at least I’ve got parents and family members who think I’m the “sweet stuff” and who have done everything possible to sandwich my life with sweet chocolate cookie parts.

Most of the families of my preschoolers consider their children to be their most precious possessions and also do everything possible for their children.  Many left homelands and families to come to the US because of the opportunities available here.  They work long hours in wet, windy and wild conditions to provide the basics for their children.

I provide the basics for them in school as their teacher.  But every so often, I try to do more.

About 6 years ago, Maestra and I took some kids and their parents to the zoo over spring break. It was such a great experience that I’ve tried to repeat it whenever I can. But it’s been awhile, my most recent trip was 3 years ago.  I figured I could afford to take 3 kids – pocketbook-wise and vehicle-wise.  I looked at my class list and chose three girls that I knew would enjoy being together for the day and would be okay with no Spanish support.  Because of the language barrier, I had to ask Maestra to speak to their parents to see if it would be okay.   Then I checked on the availability of booster seats for the car ride and ended up buying one and borrowing two for the trip.

One little gal got a bit car sick on the way  down but otherwise it was a great day.  The orangutans were doing the silliest things with old burlap bags on their heads, the snakes were close to the glass and the giraffes were nibbling leaves from the trees.  It was everything I wanted for my young students.  I took photos of each girl and some of the animals and put together little $1.00 photo albums.

And then I let the memory of our trip fade with the passing years the way they all do.

So I was absolutely amazed and delighted when Maestra shared this story: Maestra was a translator at November conferences this year and one of these former students, now a second grader, was asked to share her published story with her parents. -Lo and behold! it was the story of our trip to the zoo.

Warm fuzzies all around!


3 responses to “memorable moments

  1. blkdrama says:

    Bravo to you for your passionate commitment to kids and their families! And wow, I didn’t realize that mom-daughter connection. How wonderful. I just read your mom’s piece and it was wonderful…

    What a great way to begin my day…

  2. Stacey says:

    I love little unexpected things like that. I’ve always said that gifts of writing are so much more meaningful to me than material possessions. They stay with us longer (usually) and certainly evoke stronger emotions.

  3. Tara says:

    You will always be part of this child’s “wonderful memories” list – what a gift to you both!

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