One Sunflower

tell me again….

why did you start your blog?

“Because I was angry.”

It was September of 2009 and in order to retain my position as an early childhood teacher in the school district, I was asked to take on the responsibilities of a  “Head Start” teacher – meaning my job has become half teacher, half social worker.

I worried about losing my focus as an educator to the demands of providing social services and the data entry required to document those services.  I felt this shift might stifle my efforts to grow as a professional, to maintain a creative and learning edge in my teaching, in other words, everything that keeps me alive and vigorous as a teacher!

Starting the blog was an effort to instill reflection practices which I knew would increase the impact of new learning on my work in the classroom.  At the time I didn’t know what sorts of professional learning opportunities would be coming down the pike. As it turned out, they were significant given the PreK to Grade 3 grant work.

I feel like the first year of my blog was more of a “show and tell”.  This second year, I feel a responsibility to myself and others reading my blog, to strengthen and develop my reflective/evaluative voice – something I intended to do in the beginning but I’m not sure I’ve been very successful at.

So, yes,  I started my blog as a way to deal with frustration and fear, but I’ve continued blogging to sustain innovation and hope.

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