One Sunflower

join the discussion

on January 5, 2011

A statement that David Matteson made a few months ago in a seminar has really hit home for me.  He said that in this country, “kindergarten readiness” is based on one thing only, a birthday; a child needs to be 5 years old to enroll in kindergarten.

So I think it is my job, as a preschool teacher, to make that child the best 5 year old he/she can be.

Last night I was reading, Elbows, Knees,Dreams, a blog listed in my links.  There is a discussion going on there that I encourage you to join. And I’d love to hear answers to the question: What do you think children should be learning in preschool that will make them the best 5 year old they can be?


2 responses to “join the discussion

  1. jwg says:

    Loved your comment on Elbows etc. But I’m really feeling more and more that the war is being lost and the forces of evil are winning. I commented, and I’m sure there will be reactions from the apologistas. I can’t figure out whether people really think this stuff is good for kids or they have deluded themselves to avoid confrontation.

    • onesunflower says:

      Thanks for joining the conversation. I think you have a point about avoiding confrontation but I’m beginning to see kindergarten teachers take up the fight as well (about appropriate curriculum) so I think it’s crucial that we keep a critical mass around the topic of how and what we are teaching our children.

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