One Sunflower

Mittens – Chapter 1

on January 10, 2011

I can’t remember when the mittens first appeared, was it June? July?

It all began with an offhand comment I made to my mother about the hand-knit hats that were donated to my students in the winter and how I wished they received mittens.  On a subsequent visit to my parent’s house, my mom opened a shoebox – she couldn’t keep them secret for very long – and showed me the stacks of mittens she was knitting for my students.  At that point there were probably a dozen pair, in a multitude of colors, knit from random balls of yarn retrieved from the stock pile in the basement.

I shared with mom that I usually do a book comparison of The Mitten; I have 3 versions.  We read the books, we act it out, and I have little Playmobile animals to add to the block area and loose mittens to pretend with.  My mom was eager to add to my fun and help my students have cozy hands as well.

By the time I started school there were 2 boxes full of mittens, about 60 all together. (Another lucky teacher was to be a recipient as well.)  And here was my mom, in the delightfully warm weather of our Indian summer, eager for the advent of the dark, dank days of December and the possibility of snow.

Mostly my mom was anticipating the “story”, the story of revelation and the gifting of a rainbow of mittens, her mittens.

(more chapters to follow….)

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3 responses to “Mittens – Chapter 1

  1. Ashley C. says:

    What a nice surprise!

  2. Kari Dyer says:

    I’m so eager to read the rest! I hope the kids loved their mittens…what a great idea.

  3. Ruth says:

    Wow — your mom must be super special. 🙂 I love how she couldn’t keep it a secret from you. (Sounds like my mom!)

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