One Sunflower

valuable feedback

on January 19, 2011

playing with marbles

I finished checking my email and joined Maestra at the table.  She was getting examples of journal writing ready for portfolios and I was finally getting to eat my lunch!

I shared a bit with her about my recent visit to the kindergarten class across the hall and how disturbing it was for me to see so much time spent on behavior management during the circle lesson.  Since I’m usually leading our lessons and Maestra is sitting among the children, I asked her how she felt about the behavior management in our classroom.

Maestra surprised me by saying, “I am learning so much from you this year about how to be with the kids.”

“Is it really so different from last year?” I asked.  I know that I’ve been trying to do some new things but I’ve been unable to really detect what is different when I reflect about each day.  I should have asked for Maestra’s feedback sooner! She’s made a few comments before about how this year feels different but it’s hard to know what comes from me and what comes from the kids.

I asked Maestra to explain.

“You have such a positive energy this year.  The kids feel it.  They give it back to you.  Take D____ for example.  She is stubborn and often resistant, but you have no problems with her this year.  And S___, he loves to be with you and look at what he is doing in this class and he’s only 3 years old!  It also helps that you broke circle time down into short sessions.  You are teaching them so much and they are learning it.  I hear about it on the bus ride home!”

Wow, what complements!

So it’s mid year, time to take stock.  I chatted some more with Maestra and shared my perspectives on our work together.  I’m going to start a new page on my blog about my key learnings from 2010-11. Of course, the true test will come next year when I work with a different group of children.

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