One Sunflower

January magic

on January 23, 2011

I looked around the room, every child was fully engaged in an activity of their choice.  January magic!

You know how they say there is a lull in conversation every 20 minutes?  Well, the same can be said for child’s play.   Conversation at a dinner party begins between couples sitting close to each other.  It builds to a comfortable hum, then there is a pause and talk might begin between new partners, and the cycle begins again.  I’ve noticed a rhythm in the work of the children in my classroom that is similar.

In the fall, the children cycle through play scenarios an average of every 10 minutes, but by January, they’ve hit the sweet spot!  They are able to sustain play by themselves or with others for close to 20 minutes – and better yet, the moments of disequilibrium when they transition to a new area or a new partner come with less disruption.

Last Tuesday was the first day I felt the magic. I grabbed my camera and panned the room.

It was almost time to clean up and get ready for circle time.  It was so tempting to prolong this period of tranquility, but I’ve learned that the calm can turn to chaos on a dime and it’s better to halt the magic at its high point.

So I remarked to my students about the wonder of their work together, and called Salomon over to ring the bell.

3 responses to “January magic

  1. I was just having this conversation with a new teacher last week. I love getting to this point in January where we begin to really see that development expand and the connections between the children take off. A bright spot in a grey month.

  2. kloppenmum says:

    Play is so important in healthy human development, and such a lost skill for many children. I enjoyed reading that your class can move into that space of living in the moment and sustaining it for a decent amount of time. Best wishes.

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