One Sunflower


on February 26, 2011

I’d like to recommend the reading of this article questioning the value of praise.  Click the word “praise” to check it out.

2 responses to “praise

  1. Diana says:

    Wow – amazing article! I was thinking about so many things when I read it. I was thinking about instructional differentiation and the difference between self-esteem and self-efficacy. Peter Johnston’s book Choice Words kept coming to my mind. I kept thinking about how to help kids to build stamina for both reading and writing. Fantastic article. I plan on reading it again and sharing it with colleagues. Thank you.

  2. Juliann says:

    Great article – I know I have read so much over the years about how we need to find ways to encourage children without this kind of praise. I catch myself saying “Good job” to kids and I cringe.

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