One Sunflower


on March 2, 2011

One of the kindergarten teachers was looking around my classroom and asked, “Did you change something in your room?”  My answer was, no, but that I was in the process of thinking about making some changes.  The K teacher told me she had been making some adjustments in her room off and on all year and finally felt good about where everything was placed.  She didn’t like to disconcert her students by shifting too much around.  I told her that I purposefully rearrange my classroom a few times a year because I want to shake things up!   I like to create change to freshen the room, make things new again and hopefully stimulate different or new learning.

I’m sort of surprised that I haven’t made any changes yet this year,  but my room arrangement has been working really well.  Frankly, I don’t have the support to spend a lot of time rearranging furniture because my time seems tagged by other priorities from the get-go.   But my students have been getting restless – common for this time of year and for this developmental stretch that we are in as my students become older.  We celebrated another birthday today and I’ve got 4 more next month!

When I looked at my calendar to figure out when I’d be able to take time to move furniture, I realized I didn’t really have any to spare.    So, as soon as the kids left on the bus Tuesday, I started hauling things around.  When Maestra returned to the classroom after supporting the bus run, the room was topsy-turvy! Usually I make a plan or at least have some kind-of outline for the areas in mind but this time we just discussed options and started moving things into place. It would have been  nice to have cleaned as we went but we didn’t have time for that so I feel like dusty and slightly grimy furniture has just been moved to another dusty and slightly grimy place.  We’ll have to figure out time for spring cleaning on another day.

It was great to see the faces of my students when they entered the classroom today and we had a wonderful “story” to tell about it and some noticing of what is the same and what is different.  I guess  analysis will follow.  It will on my part for sure!


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