One Sunflower

taking it to the streets

on March 16, 2011

Maestra has been struggling to support Solomon in his journal.  After our last session with David Matteson, she tried a new tactic.

Maestra took paper over to the block center and sat with Solomon as he played.  He started talking about going fishing with his dad.  As he described his story, Maestra drew a picture, asking for input about details – the boat, the fish, the pole.  At some point she invited Solomon to draw a few things in the picture himself, which he did.  When the story was complete and Maestra and Solomon had reviewed it a few times, she told him  they would draw it again the next day and she expected Solomon to draw more of it himself.

Later that day he surprised her by drawing the story on the white board,

and as promised the next day, he drew the whole thing in his journal with Maestra at his side to encourage and support his work. 

He was very proud of his entry.

I was proud of Maestra.  I know that I have made the suggestion about taking paper to the various centers before, but she hadn’t “heard” me.  She questioned David about strategies for supporting our preschoolers to find topics and when he made the suggestion about drawing student play, she finally got it.

The student work and stories that have been happening this past week have been amazing.


3 responses to “taking it to the streets

  1. Sprice says:

    Cool! I find that even if I have my student, who are older, draw a picture, it helps them to get their story in more detail and then they can write more. It is the little things that make teaching so wonderful and rewarding. Great post! Happy slicing! Hurray for Maestra! 🙂

  2. What a wonderful experience!!
    Those drawings are for life, don’t you think?

  3. Bonnie k says:

    Wow, so cool to actually read and see the work I’m your classroom. It’s amazing what you are doing and what you can now document.

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