One Sunflower

coming together

on April 12, 2011

The parking lot usually has 2 cars in it when I arrive; one is my principal’s car and the other belongs to the third grade teacher.  We are three who like to arrive early, puttering about our spaces, setting our little worlds to order before the masses arrive. Occasionally, especially after a weekend or a break, we three make special efforts to go to each other’s spaces to greet each other, say hello and touch base.  Touching base with these two special people is a way for me to come home in my work and be ready for my school day.

It was a meeting day for me, as Mondays usually are.  Yesterday there was just one meeting and it was with the other early childhood teachers in the district.  As I listened to them share about their activities over spring break I was struck by how much heart they bring to the rest of their lives as well. These women are supreme professionals, thoughtful, inquisitive, never complacent and I feel honored to be in their company over the course of a year.

Home to a quick supper and then off to Board night at church.  The second half of our meeting is dedicated to business but the first half is more like Sunday school; we are learning or relearning about the spiritual practices in our congregation.  All of us have day jobs and family responsibilities and yet we sit in metal folding chairs concentrating on being in fellowship with each other.

Daybreak again and in a few hours, I’ll be standing at my classroom door, welcoming faces that look at me with expressions of doubt, insecurity, wonder, hope. Every fiber in my body will be reaching out to wrap these children in love and joy, and my own wonder and hope.

These are connections with unique and special people I adore, value, and find indispensable to the quality of my life.  I celebrate our humanness, knowing that in gifting and receiving we commemorate what is divine in each of us.


12 responses to “coming together

  1. elsie says:

    The people of your life are lucky to have you. It sounds like you have some great connections, I’m glad we get to be a part of it through the blog.

  2. Juliann says:

    Love that your life is so full and that each piece supports the rest.

  3. Linda Baie says:

    What a lovely description of the commitment you give to those around you. Your description showed lots of love coming and going through the day.

  4. You illuminate the sacredness of human connection. Thank you for revealing how small interactions nurture our souls and community.

    Many Blessings,

  5. Donna Smith says:

    It’s nice to have such a web of connections about you. If ever a strand breaks, you have all the others to hold you up!

  6. Katy Pettit says:

    Thank you for sharing the connections of your day. I always look forward to reading your blog! I always feel so inspired when I read your posts!

  7. Sprice says:

    Amen to your slice! I loved the way your life comes together. Your writing and your life seemed to flow together! Your connections with others as well. Thanks for sharing! All the best to you! Happy slicing and living!

  8. jee young says:

    I like how you shared the different ways you are connected with people in your life! That’s great to hear that you are also able to serve at your church as well. I’m happy to meet other fellow sisters in Christ that are teachers and using their gifts in that way! 🙂

  9. Diana Martin says:

    I enjoy reading how you much you love what you do. I believe teachers are called. You answered the call and you inspire children and the adults around you, including me. 🙂

  10. Tam Hess says:

    You do remind me of the fact that schools/teachers are better today. Someone else mentioned that, also. I’ve met and read so many excellent educators and the involvement they have to make young lives better of which you are one.

  11. SueB says:

    Your caring comes shining through. You give so much.

  12. Christy says:

    “These are connections with unique and special people I adore, value, and find indispensable to the quality of my life.” I am so glad to be reminded of this today. I love the way you articulated this idea!

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