One Sunflower

white boards

on April 14, 2011

rainy day

The occupational therapist hates white boards.   I know, chalk boards and crayons on paper produce better sensory input for young children.  So, I only use the white boards once a week and only for 5 minutes but I am totally charmed by what my children put on them.  I get a good sense of my students’ ability to plan their drawings and what sorts of input stimulates their thinking. Some students impulsively start moving the marker around without having an idea and some are less confident about choosing their own story idea and look to the drawings of their peers or to my modeled writing for input.

Drawings made with crayon may provide the same information but at least with white boards, I can comment and refocus my student’s work with the quick swipe of a cloth keeping the flow of thinking going and maintain a positive drawing experience.

copy of my story about vacation

monkey bars

two bears fighting


One response to “white boards

  1. Donna Smith says:

    Oh, my! I love the monkey bars!!!!
    And two bears fighting! What action in that one!
    These are so sweet. I like the idea, and you are right. I don’t usually like the dry erase for much more than quick math answers or spelling checks. But this use is pretty handy in beginning writers’ illustrations.

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