One Sunflower

tell it

on April 25, 2011

He didn’t have to use those words, in fact, he could have accomplished the whole thing with very little talking at all. It could have been like this: “Come here, Collin.  I’ll count to three and then you go.  One, two, three.”

But instead, it sounded like this:
“Drum roll please everyone!” (patting on thighs)
“A hush falls over the crowd.  Collin is stepping to the line, raising his arm and….one, two, three!  Ah, look at it fly over the crowd, hit the wall and drop behind the chairs.
Will they be able to find it?  Yes! And we have a winner in the 2011 paper plane flying contest!”

What a difference story language makes!  In our school of English language learners, and students who mostly hear “command speech,” our principal’s gift for turning every event into a story is a gift.


One response to “tell it

  1. Donna Smith says:

    Sounded exciting! Real life talk…story language…is so much richer than the typical language learning curriculum. Lots of language packed into a short slice for those learners.

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