One Sunflower

there’s a word for that

on June 23, 2011

It was a heart-felt thank you for our work together, for the way we work together, and I wanted to respond but the statement came at the end of one meeting that was quickly overlapped by another meeting. It has been a lucky circumstance that I got to spend the day thinking about my response because in reflecting on the specifics of my feelings, I explored all the nuances of relationship that I find incredibly essential to my teaching, and frankly, my being.

Even though I am not always comfortable around people, especially in social situations, I know that usually when I interact with people I realize my best potential.  I love to have time alone, to work in quiet spaces, go for walks by myself, sit for hours writing.  But my thinking is expanded 100-fold when I take all the thoughts I have in my “me-time” and have conversations about them with people – especially people I’m in a close relationship with.

from July 2011 National Geographic

Have you seen the new brain scan images? They definitely capture the way I feel my brain is working when I’m involved in relationships that foster growth.  I know that not all of my interactions with people make me feel so “fluffy.”  In order for my brain and self worth to be tapped in such an exciting way, I need to feel valued.

There are situations I’ve been in with the district and other venues of my life where I don’t feel recognized for what I bring to the relationship.  It isn’t whether I really can bring something to the table, it is about the expectation for what I might bring that makes all the difference to my level of engagement in the process. When the level of expectation is high, the fluffing in my brain begins, and I truly feel sparks.

Personally, I have a physical need for this kind of work environment.  I need to feel that my best is being demanded of me, that my integrity is on the line, that my work is essential and that if I bring my best self to the table, the outcome will be better than if I had not participated.

Now I know how to express my thanks.  I am thankful that somehow all of these necessary pieces for me are in place in my current work situation.  I feel valued.  I feel that my engagement is essential and that positive outcomes for myself and others have been achieved because of my presence.

I think I found the word for that.
Synergism: cooperative action of discrete agencies such that the total effect is greater than the sum of the effects taken independently.  (definition by Webster’s)
No wonder the word synergy is used in all sorts of corporate names.  But it takes more than just naming it, it takes involvement in the relationships of those discrete agencies.   (And no, there’s not an “app” for that.)

Thanks again to those I’m in relationship with, to the synergy that happens because of our relationships, I really couldn’t be me without you.

2 responses to “there’s a word for that

  1. Donna Smith says:

    Oooh, how interestingly put. I love the fluffy brain…I love the feeling when you know you are valued.

  2. This one touches a song in me, Amelia. An out of tune song in my workplace. You say it so beautifully. How to get the song back in tune. I don’t know. I am not the conductor. Can’t wait to see you in July.

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