One Sunflower

what was the question?

on August 2, 2011

How do I get ready for school?  Well first of all I create my classroom environment.  I’ve written before about how I take special pride in setting up a classroom that is functional for both the preschoolers and me and provides options during the year.

But right now, my room is a disaster.  Moving across the hall may have given me a larger room with a conveniently located bathroom and kitchen, but with the entire contents of my classroom in boxes, I’m having a hard time anticipating the benefits.

My goal had been to stay an extra hour at school every day after the summer session to put things away and get my room organized.  Every day I would walk in the room and then walk out again.  This is my last week to work before I head off to the Oregon coast for a few days.

Maybe it will all seem possible when I return.

5 responses to “what was the question?

  1. Juliann says:

    Oh this is a huge task! When our teachers had to move two years ago it was daunting to see all those boxes piled up. But it is also a great opportunity to try something different. Enjoy your time away and come back to it with a fresh perspective.

  2. Linda Baie says:

    I just moved out of the classroom last year & gave away so many things; perhaps that was easier. Now I’m still messing about with the best way to keep supplies ready for the teachers. Maybe a journey of a 1000 boxes begins with opening just one? Best wishes!

  3. Donna Smith says:

    I changed classrooms each year for the past 5, and one move was across town. The good thing about moving is that you get to clear out stuff that you haven’t used in ages as you pack, and you get to touch everything again as you unpack, so you know what you have (theoretically anyway!). But it is overwhelming! Best of luck as you tackle this. Hope it’s cool working in there!

  4. Elizabeth G. says:

    I’ll be in the same boat in a couple weeks. The mound of piled “stuff” is never easy to dig into. I am not looking forward to organizing my library again. Good luck with the new room layout. Please share pics when you’re done.

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